Our Story

U Apparel came to be due to a HUGE problem. Going from rowing practice at 6AM to Chinese class at 9:30 AM I was always showing up in smelly wet spandex. Once I developed a crush on a girl in my Chinese class, I decided it was time to figure out how to get to class in fashionable, functional, and affordable shorts that I could throw on right after class! 

Fast forward 6 months to Taiwan...

On a hot humid day, when all hope was lost, and all of my clothing was soaked because of the humidity, I decided that I needed clothing that would allow me to survive the Taiwan weather. Using the Chinese I had spent my whole life learning, I showed up at a manufacturers door step and purchased the first sample of U Apparel shorts. Four months later I received the 532 pairs of shorts to my dorm room at Georgetown and started making the world a better, more underwear-less place! I am stoked to see where the brand is today and even more excited to see where it will be tomorrow! 

-- Ethan Rosen